What Can Duct Sealing Do? Improve Efficiency, Air Quality And Comfort

In many homes, air ducts are located out of sight and, therefore, out of homeowners’ minds. But if you suspect that your heating and cooling system is working less efficiently than it should, leaky ductwork could be to blame. Scheduling an appointment to have your ducts inspected and sealed offers three distinct benefits.

Have Your Dusty Air Conditioner Professionally Cleaned

Filters keep dust from circulating into your home through your air conditioning unit, which is one of the reasons why manufacturers recommend changing filters regularly. Over time though, even with your diligence in changing filters, dust can collect around the unit and its electronic components, causing the system to become sluggish, less efficient and use more energy to operate.

Problems With Mold? Focus On These 5 Factors

Mold is one of the most common causes of indoor allergies. It can lead to asthma attacks, respiratory problems and other allergic reactions. Mold can’t exist without moisture, so you can effectively clear out your problems with mold by controlling moisture in your home. If you are experiencing problems with mold, here are five moisture control tips you should focus …