How to Make Sure Your Home is Well Insulated for Winter

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a poorly insulated house during a Kansas City winter. From overworking your furnace to trying to keep up with the falling temperatures to finding frost lines on the ceiling of your attack or exterior walls, a house that is not well insulated can cause trouble.

Thankfully, it is easy to make sure your home is well insulated for these chilly winter months. Some of the best ways to do so include:

Take Advantage of Heating Zones
Not all areas of your home have to be heated equally. In fact, when you lower the temperature for areas of your home that you spend less time in, you will be able to keep the warm air you desire in the zones that your family frequents. By making this adjustment to your heating system, not only will the warm air stay where it should, but you will also save money on heating costs.

Seal Doorways
Warm air can escape out of any space, no matter how small, which is why it is vital that you seal your doorways with weatherstripping. This small task will provide big results when it comes to not only the overall insulation of your house, but also how hard your furnace has to work to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Reinforce Attic Insulation
Hot air rises, making your attic’s insulation some of the most important in your entire home. This winter, take a trip to your attic to make sure your insulation is still in proper condition. If it needs reinforcement, call in a professional as soon as possible to complete the job.

Schedule an HVAC Check Up
Another way to ensure your home is insulated properly for winter is to schedule an HVAC check up with Overland Park Heating and Cooling. An expert technician will not only perform a multi-point inspection to help stop any furnace trouble before they begin, but they will also help give you advice on how you should be changing your air filters once a month during the winter for top insulation and more.

From DIY projects like sealing your doors to more inclusive tasks like scheduling a maintenance check-up or reinforcing your attic, there are a number of ways to make sure your home is well insulated for winter. By performing a combination of these steps, your house will be ready for the cold weather still to come, and your family will stop arguing about the need to turn up the thermostat.

For more information on insulating your home for winter, visit Overland Park Heating and Cooling today.