Landscaping and Your HVAC System Can Work Hand in Hand: Learn How

A well-designed and planned landscaping layout in your yard in conjunction with a quality HVAC system can help make the home more energy-efficient. There are several design features that can be worked into a landscape plan to help an overworked heating or cooling system operate more efficiently. When the landscaping and your HVAC system work together, you will get better results.

Before You Buy Know These HVAC System Terms: AFUE, SEER, and HSPF

What do all those acronyms mean and why does terminology matter when you’re thinking of making an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) purchase? The short answer is that these terms have a great deal to do with rating efficiency of the products — including air conditioners, furnace, and heat pumps — that are essential for home comfort.

10 Houseplants that Can improve Your Home’s Air Cleaner

You probably don’t consider the air in your home to be toxic, but in fact the air indoors is often polluted with radon, tobacco smoke, dander, pollen, mold and a variety of other chemicals and substances. Ready to drag out the vacuum? Not so fast. Houseplants have been proven to remove many common toxins from indoor air. To top it …

Extended HVAC System Warranties: Keep These 4 Things In Mind

Here in the Kansas City area, we experience extreme weather in both winter and summer. Our A/Cs and heating systems do a lot of work, and all machines typically degenerate with heavy use. Buyers of new HVAC installations usually have to decide whether to purchase an extended warranty to defray the cost of future repairs and parts replacement.

The importance of duct design and how it affects your heating and cooling system

In many homes, heating and cooling is provided by a furnace and air conditioning unit situated in the basement or other convenient location and distributed through ducting. If ducting systems are poorly configured, they can waste a significant percentage of your energy. Some experts say poor ductwork can be attributable to losses as high as 40 percent.  As such, proper duct …