Keep Comfort Up, Costs Down With These Energy-Saving Tips

While the spring and summer bring much-needed relief from the cold weather, they bring their own set of challenges. Keeping your home comfortable during the Kansas City area’s cooling season can result in high energy bills. Here are some spring energy-saving tips to help you keep your bills down.

What To Keep In Mind While Considering A Zoning System

If you’re searching for a new way to put a substantial dent in your monthly heating and cooling bills, you should consider installation of a zoning system in your Kansas City area home. Separating your home into discrete climate zones with independent temperature control will allow you to save money on energy while giving your home’s occupants control over comfort …

Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Have Them Repaired

Your air conditioner is an essential part of your Kansas City home. With many days that routinely hit the 90-degree mark, you’ll want to confirm that your air conditioning system is ready to work when you need it most. Properly maintaining your cooling system will help you avoid common air conditioner problems, save money, and reduce wear and tear on your system.

9 Ways to Know When it’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning system has recently broken down or if it’s just not keeping you as cool as it used to even after performing routine maintenance, it might be worth replacing the whole unit instead of wasting money and time repairing it. Following is a handy guide of factors that may indicate you should replace your air conditioner (usually, …