Add Insulation for Better Energy Efficiency this Winter

It’s no secret that energy costs are on the rise. The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects that U.S. homeowners will see increased energy costs this winter. They forecast price increases of 22 percent for natural gas, 28 percent for heating oil, and 26 percent for propane this winter compared to last winter. Increases in the cost of electric heating are …

Keep Comfort Up, Costs Down With These Energy-Saving Tips

While the spring and summer bring much-needed relief from the cold weather, they bring their own set of challenges. Keeping your home comfortable during the Kansas City area’s cooling season can result in high energy bills. Here are some spring energy-saving tips to help you keep your bills down.

Some Basic Energy Savers That Are Also Good for the Environment

As the cold winter moves into the Kansas City area, it’s easy to forget the importance of conserving energy. As we continue to deplete non-renewable resources, and increase carbon dioxide emissions, we hurt the environment. On a personal level, we waste not only our natural resources, but also hard-earned money. Fortunately, a few easy energy savers can dramatically reduce unnecessary consumption.