Heat Pump Not Cooling? Troubleshooting Tips to See You Through All Seasons

If your house is equipped with a heat pump rather than a standard air conditioning cooling system, there are some things you will need to know to keep cool this summer. The heat pump operation is unique due to its ability to provide you warmth during the winter and cooling during those hot and sticky summer months in the Kansas City area. As summer …

Confused About Air Filter Choices? Review Your Options

Air filter choices for your forced-air cooling and heating systems can get confusing. With so many filters on the market, how do you decide? First, we’ll look at all the air filter choices. Second, you decide which one best fits your needs. Air Filter Choices While there are many different types of air filters, they all fall into several major categories. These …

Keep Comfort Up, Costs Down With These Energy-Saving Tips

While the spring and summer bring much-needed relief from the cold weather, they bring their own set of challenges. Keeping your home comfortable during the Kansas City area’s cooling season can result in high energy bills. Here are some spring energy-saving tips to help you keep your bills down.

Ground Source/Geothermal – Facts and Fiction

When trying to maximize the efficiency and performance of a residential HVAC system, most homeowners turn to the popular options first. Instead, they should consider geothermal HVAC systems, which can beat out most conventional systems in terms of performance and efficiency. Many homeowners are scared away from these systems based on a few common myths that surround them.

Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Impacts The Balance-Point Setting On Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps deliver greater energy efficiency than any boiler or furnace, delivering up to 400 percent heat energy per electricity consumed. However, heat-pump efficiency stops the moment the balance point is reached and emergency electric heating begins. How quickly this happens during cold weather is greatly affected by your home’s energy efficiency.