Covid-19 Update to OPHC’s Service Policy & Procedures

In an effort to fully abide by all current CDC & Kansas/Missouri Health Dept guidelines, effective Monday March 23rd, Overland Park Heating & Cooling (OPHC) will no longer be conducting heating or air conditioning preventative maintenance visits till further notice. This temporary policy adjustment is the best way to keep all of our customers’ and technicians’ families as safe as possible during this growing pandemic. This new policy will limit our technicians’ public exposure in order to focus on providing quality reactive service when our customers need it. Please be assured, all of our staff are health screened daily. When entering any home requiring service, our technicians will be observing personal distance guidelines, donning single use gloves and shoe covers, wearing a surgical style mask, and not coming in contact with any items not associated with the HVAC system (examples: door knobs, railings, walls, etc.) Please feel free to fill out our contact form if you require service. We will be updating this site weekly with any policy changes and recommended DIY system maintenance tips as the cooling season progresses. Thank you, stay safe.

The OPHC Team

Here are a few Air Conditioning DIY tips to prep your system for Spring/Summer 2020 Season
  1. Inspect and/or replace your air filter. If it’s a 1″ filter over 30 days old, replace it. If it’s a 5″ media filter over (6) months old, replace it.
  2. Remove any outdoor air conditioner covers.
  3. Close the damper on your humidifier (position damper in Summer setting)
  4. Position your main duct dampers in their Summer positions
  5. Make sure condensate water being produced by the indoor evaporator coil (located on top of your furnace) is draining properly to associated floor drain
  6. Last, but certainly not least, make sure your thermostat is set to cooling


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