Maintenance Is Key to HVAC Satisfaction

Annual preventive maintenance is critical to the performance and longevity of all HVAC equipment. Periodic check-ups performed by Overland Park Heating & Cooling will keep your system operating efficiently and safely. Our technicians will perform a manufacturer specific, full system check, clean and service. With routine maintenance, OPHC can identify and repair any small issue before it becomes a major repair or worse, a complete system failure. Overland Park Heating & Cooling also keeps in mind the replace verses repair option. We believe that anything mechanical can be repaired, but it's the cost of the repair and the life of the equipment that determine which option is best. Please call us today to discuss what Overland Park Heating & Cooling can do for your heating and cooling needs.

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Indoor Comfort Specialists Your Home Deserves

In Kansas City, the winters can be brutally cold and the summers miserably hot and humid. Overland Park Heating & Cooling offers all the HVAC services you need to meet the ever-changing Kansas City weather. In addition to repairs, Overland Park Heating & Cooling also offers maintenance programs to keep your heating and cooling systems running reliably and at peak performance. In addition to these services, we also offer an array of new energy efficient systems. We install everything from a basic split and packaged HVAC unit to the very efficient and complex ground source system. Additionally, Overland Park Heating & Cooling can install, as well as service, heating and cooling accessories, such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, thermostat controls, heat recovery systems, electronic zoning, carbon monoxide detectors and more.

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  • “I have had great service from this company for years.”

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    – Jan Wright, Google

  • “This company is the real deal!!”

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  • “I’m glad I chose OPHC because of the excellent customer service that Doug and his team provided.”

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