A Beginner’s Guide to the Variable-Speed Furnace

With our variable climate here in the Greater Kansas City area, your HVAC system works most of the year, either providing heating or cooling. Any advances that could reduce running costs on such constantly used equipment are worth learning about. A variable-speed furnace is one such upgrade you should consider for long-term energy savings and improved heating performance. 

Your Fall Furnace Tune-up: What to Expect When the Technician Arrives

One of your top priorities before winter arrives in the Kansas City area should be to ensure your home’s heating system is working correctly by having a qualified HVAC contractor perform a fall furnace tune-up. To get the most value for your money and to prevent any operational or safety issues, make sure the following steps are completed by the …

Energy-Saving Tips That Will Add Cheer to Your Holidays

The fall and winter months are the perfect time to start saving energy. As the sun sets earlier, you turn on more lights; as the air becomes chillier, you turn up the heat. Holiday parties and family gatherings mean that your lights, heater, humidifier and other appliances do more work. With all these items using energy, it’s time to focus on energy-saving tips …

Highly Suitable Locations for Solar: 4 Essentials

As the prices for solar panels and other components of a solar system decline with improvements in technology and manufacturing, the option of installing a solar system for your Kansas City area home can become a practical reality, greatly reducing your monthly bill to the utility company. The most cost-effective installations are on homes that have prime locations for solar, meeting …

Heat Pump Replacement: Size Really Matters When It Comes to Efficiency

If you’re considering a heat pump replacement before the onset of winter, you’re probably making a wise decision. You will benefit from improved year-round comfort, as well as lowered utility bills. However, you will only receive those benefits if you take the time to have your system sized appropriately for your home. Size definitely matters when it comes to heat pump efficiency. …

Get Ductwork Design Right the First Time or be Prepared to Schedule a Do-Over

Ductwork design is an especially critical aspect of your home’s HVAC setup, whether you’re in the process of building a new home or retrofitting an existing heating and cooling solution. An efficient, well-designed duct system maintains a steady temperature throughout the home by distributing conditioned air where needed.

Get Educated Before Purchasing Your New Furnace: Here’s a Start on Your Homework

The warm days of summer and early fall will soon be behind us, so if you had trouble with your home’s furnace last winter and decided to upgrade before this coming winter, now’s the time to start looking into buying a furnace that will provide reliable heating for your home at a low monthly utility cost.