Energy-Saving Tips That Will Add Cheer to Your Holidays

Energy-Saving Tips That Will Add Cheer to Your HolidaysThe fall and winter months are the perfect time to start saving energy. As the sun sets earlier, you turn on more lights; as the air becomes chillier, you turn up the heat. Holiday parties and family gatherings mean that your lights, heater, humidifier and other appliances do more work. With all these items using energy, it’s time to focus on energy-saving tips and how you can use them to add some holiday cheer to your home – while treating your wallet and the environment the right way.

  • Going miniature: The larger bulbs you use to illuminate your tree can use as much as double the energy that miniature holiday lights use.
  • Timing your life: Using a timer to turn the lights on your tree on and off prevents you from leaving those lights running all night long. Additionally, a timer means there’s one less thing for you to remember during these busy holiday months.
  • Dropping a degree: You cut your energy consumption 1-3 percent for every one degree you lower the thermostat for heating. Set the thermostat between 66 and 68 degrees, a temperature range that many find comfortable. Sweaters do serve a useful purpose during the winter.
  • Treating your heater: Nothing leads to increased energy costs like a malfunctioning furnace. Have your furnace serviced by a professional technician before you turn it on for the winter. You’ll benefit from improved safety, security and efficiency.
  • Fixating on filtration: change your Standard size 1″ HVAC filter at the beginning of the season to keep your furnace running efficiently. If your filter is a high efficient or electronic type, then have your HVAC professional recommend a proper replacement schedule. Changing or cleaning that filter often ensures continued efficient operation of your system.

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