Taking proper care of your air conditioning and heating system will ensure that it takes care of you all year long. Overland Park Heating & Cooling offers a simple and effortless way to keep your air conditioner and furnace operating in peak condition.

Keeping your system properly maintained will improve the performance and efficiency while reducing your energy costs. Recent studies show that regular maintenance can reduce your utility bill by as much as 25%. The Maintenance Partner Program from Overland Park Heating & Cooling can also help prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your system.

Overland Park Heating & Cooling technicians have been providing Johnson County residents with proactive and honest equipment maintenance since 1983. Call our office for 2021 cooling season maintenance visit pricing. 913-649-0303

Annual Air Conditioner Check

  • Clean outdoor condenser coils
  • Inspect and secure electrical connections
  • Inspect Voltage Absorption System
  • Oil outdoor fan motor
  • Inspect outdoor electrical disconnect
  • Verify proper level of outdoor unit
  • Verify thermostat operation
  • Adjust upper / lower damper
  • Replace standard 1" size filter
  • Inspect and clean condensate drain
  • Deactivate humidifier and set in Summer position, if equipped
  • Inspect and clean condensate pump, if equipped
  • Clean indoor motor air intake and check blower wheel for excessive dirt of balance issues
  • Start system and operate for 15 minutes, also check temperature drop across coils
  • Verify proper refrigerant charge
  • Verify superheat and subcooling for proper readings
  • Inspect for any unusual of excessive noise or vibration of indoor and outdoor unit
  • Inspect refrigerant tubing and insulation condition
  • Shut system off and reset to customers desired settings
  • Report on system performance and discuss overall condition with homeowner


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Annual Furnace Check

  • Activate system at thermostat to check out the proper sequence of operation
  • Replace standard 1" size filter
  • Adjust main trunk air flow dampers
  • Inspect and secure all electrical controls and safeties
  • Remove pilot, clean and reassemble OR remove igniter, clean and ohm to assure proper resistance
  • Inspect and clean burner assembly
  • Inspect immediate furnace surroundings for gas leakage
  • Inspect Air Circulation System
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks and inspect AC coil for blockage
  • Verify proper vibration-free operation
  • Inspect and oil inducer motor
  • Clean inside and outside of furnace cabinet
  • Inspect flue condition and connect Combustion Analysis (CA) equipment
  • Start furnace and allow to operate for 10 minutes. Record all readings of CA equipment
  • Inspect for proper flue draw and inducer operation. Measure flue draft
  • Verify temperature rise and adjust blower speed if necessary
  • Dial in gas pressures, secondary combustion air for most efficiency. Record performance
  • Set thermostat to original setting or as customer request
  • Clean work space and provide written report
  • Discuss furnace safety and operation of furnace with customer
  • Discuss Carbon Monoxide awareness with customer. (Must have working CO detector less than 5 yr old on each level of home)
  • Answer any questions with homeowner and advise how to make more comfortable while extending the life of their system
  • *OPHC will not be responsible for return trips to adjust dampers. We recommend electronic zone damper system for automatic control of airflow

OPHC also offers annual maintenance for bypass style humidifiers, steam humidifiers, UV lighting, and specialized air filtration systems. Please call for pricing