Benefits of a Whole Home Steam Humidifier

With winter now covering the Kansas City area, homeowners are feeling the effects of the seasonal dry air. Inspired by their itchy skin and sinus issues, many are seeking out remedies to make their homes more comfortable as the temperatures continue to drop outside – the most popular of these remedies being a humidifier.

While any kind of humidifier is helpful when it comes to improving the comfort and quality of your indoor air during the winter, the most beneficial unit you can invest in is a whole home steam humidifier, like the Aprilaire Humidifier Model 800.

Whole home steam humidifiers are an easy, affordable way to provide moist, comfortable air evenly throughout your home during the winter. As opposed to regular humidifiers that only spot heat areas inside of your house, this variety thoroughly covers large square footage, and runs independently from HVAC units, accommodating bigger homes.

The Aprilaire Humidifier Model 800 performs quietly, and uses cold air to create the necessary steam to moisten the air in your home. Whether hard, soft, or softened by a water filtration system in your home, this steam humidifier features automatic control, as well as a manual mode for total convenience.

Similar to smaller humidifiers, whole house humidifiers help to reduce the risk of infection in your home (since bacteria can’t travel well in moist air), improve the health of your houseplants and wood furnishing finishes, as well as save you money on your heating bill, since moist air naturally feels warmer than dry.

This winter, instead of covering up the dry air in your home with a short-term fix like a standard humidifier, invest in a whole home steam humidifier like the Aprilaire Humidifier Model 800 that will leave your home comfortable and healthy for the season, and years, to come.

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