Check Out Your Options For Heating And Cooling A Two-story Addition

If you’re planning to add to your home, heating and cooling a two-story addition should be one of the initial considerations you make. It may make a difference in how you design the space, along with the mechanical systems you need to make the space livable. The three options you have include extending your current system, replacing your home’s HVAC …

Power Blackout: Could You Ride One Out?

A power blackout is something that every homeowner in the greater Kansas City needs to prepare for, since it’s inconvenient and even dangerous to be without power, especially in the winter, when storms can bring down power lines and temperatures drop below freezing for extended periods. If you haven’t prepared for power blackout for at least three days, consider taking …

Boiler On The Edge? Retrofits May Do For Now, But Weigh These Factors Before Deciding

Has your boiler been running inefficiently or giving you trouble? While the thought of making the investment in a new boiler may give you the chills, it may not be in your best interest to rule that option out. Here is a simple guide to making the wisest decision between retrofitting or replacing your boiler.

Home Insulation Upgrades: 3 Ways You’ll Benefit This Winter

If you’re looking for an affordable and durable way to increase your home’s energy efficiency, consider adding more home insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that approximately 50 percent of what you spend on utilities goes toward heating and cooling your home. When you increase insulation levels in your home, you’ll achieve these benefits: