Check Out Your Options For Heating And Cooling A Two-story Addition

If you’re planning to add to your home, heating and cooling a two-story addition should be one of the initial considerations you make. It may make a difference in how you design the space, along with the mechanical systems you need to make the space livable. The three options you have include extending your current system, replacing your home’s HVAC equipment, or putting in an independent heating and cooling system.

Extending current equipment

If your equipment is newer and large enough to condition the new space, extending it could be the simplest and least expensive option. Your HVAC contractor can evaluate your current equipment, your home and the addition’s plans. If you include sufficient insulation in the roof and use thermal windows in the new addition, it will lower the heating and cooling load.

Upgrading current equipment

As HVAC equipment ages, it loses efficiency. Any system that is 10 years or older may not be worth extending into the new space. It usually makes economic sense to replace aging systems, and although doing so during the remodeling process increases the budget, over time, the new system can pay for itself in lower heating and cooling bills. The HVAC contractor can tell you about the benefits of new equipment and the type that would provide the most comfort and efficiency for heating and cooling a two-story addition.

Using an independent system

Using a ductless system solves the issues related to lost space resulting from extending ducts. Ductless mini-splits are heat pumps whose (one or more) indoor air handlers blow air directly into the space. The condenser/compressor sits outdoors and a conduit connects with the indoor air handler(s) and provides the refrigerant, power and drainpipe. The air handler sits on the floor, or hangs from a wall or the ceiling.

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