Duct Noises That Are Often Heard in Kansas City Homes and What They Mean

Air ducts are an integral component of all HVAC systems, yet they’re generally given little attention as long as home heating and cooling features are operating smoothly. However, if unusual duct noises catch your attention, you should read on to help identify and solve these noise problems. Noisy Ducts Your ductwork system is generally installed out of sight in the basement, crawlspace or attic of your home, which …

The importance of duct design and how it affects your heating and cooling system

In many homes, heating and cooling is provided by a furnace and air conditioning unit situated in the basement or other convenient location and distributed through ducting. If ducting systems are poorly configured, they can waste a significant percentage of your energy. Some experts say poor ductwork can be attributable to losses as high as 40 percent.  As such, proper duct …

Suspect Your Aging Ductwork Is Driving Up Your Utility Bills?

Aging ductwork is an unfortunate reality for many homes in the Greater Kansas City area. Ductwork that is old and leaky will reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency and increase utility bills. Your air ducts act as the home’s lungs by carrying stale air into central HVAC equipment in order to be filtered, and then heated or cooled. Once the air is conditioned, …

The Ductwork in Your Kansas City Home: Little Leaks Make for Big Problems

Living in the Greater Kansas City area, you’ll want to make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible as colder weather moves in. There are many ways to do this, from installing a programmable thermostat to adding attic insulation. However, no matter how efficient your heating system might be, you could be losing a lot of your conditioned air because …

Get Ductwork Design Right the First Time or be Prepared to Schedule a Do-Over

Ductwork design is an especially critical aspect of your home’s HVAC setup, whether you’re in the process of building a new home or retrofitting an existing heating and cooling solution. An efficient, well-designed duct system maintains a steady temperature throughout the home by distributing conditioned air where needed.

Why The Ductwork In Your Attic Has An Effect On Energy Efficiency

The ductwork in your attic has a direct effect on your home’s energy efficiency. According to the laws of thermodynamics, hot air has more energy than cold air, which means warm air moves toward cooler areas. If your attic ducts are not properly sealed or insulated, warmed air moving through the ducts will escape into the cold attic, either through …

Designing An Efficient Duct System — Five Factors That Your HVAC Contractor Will Consider

Inefficient duct design is a problem that compromises your home comfort, and can decrease your home’s heating and cooling efficiency by as much as 20 percent annually. Therefore, if you’re building a new home, you should work closely with your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor during the process of designing an efficient duct system.

What Can Duct Sealing Do? Improve Efficiency, Air Quality And Comfort

In many homes, air ducts are located out of sight and, therefore, out of homeowners’ minds. But if you suspect that your heating and cooling system is working less efficiently than it should, leaky ductwork could be to blame. Scheduling an appointment to have your ducts inspected and sealed offers three distinct benefits.

The Surprising Truth About Duct Sealing

Duct sealing prevents energy waste. But did you do duct sealing also may make your home safer? That’s because leaky ducts may draw carbon monoxide or other combustion gases into your living space. These gases are byproducts of gas-burning appliances, such as furnaces, and they are normally vented outside. When they invade your ducts through leaks, it’s called backdrafting.