Looking to Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter? Some Pointers for Winter Savings

Residents of Kansas know better than anyone what it’s like to suffer through a bitterly cold winter. Staying warm in your home while the cold rages outside is probably a major priority for most during the heating season. Unfortunately, a toasty home can be very expensive, and if you’re wondering how to lower heating bills without sacrificing comfort, these tips can help you do just …

Looking to Lower Your Home Heating Bills? Pointers to Keep Money in Your Pocket

It’s official – colder weather has arrived in the Kansas City area, and the first home heating bills of the season will be heading your way soon. If your goal is to keep more money in your pocket this winter, there are lots of energy-saving strategies that can help. These cost-effective pointers can put you on the right track toward …

Get Ductwork Design Right the First Time or be Prepared to Schedule a Do-Over

Ductwork design is an especially critical aspect of your home’s HVAC setup, whether you’re in the process of building a new home or retrofitting an existing heating and cooling solution. An efficient, well-designed duct system maintains a steady temperature throughout the home by distributing conditioned air where needed.

Decrease Water Heating Bills With 6 Tips For Improving Performance

If you’re like most homeowners, you would like nothing better than to find an effective way to decrease water heating bills in your Kansas City area home. You may already be keeping up with maintenance on your storage tank water heater, flushing the system of debris and getting it serviced regularly. But those bills are staying high for some reason.

Sealing Those Costly Air Leaks In Your Kansas Home: The Right Caulk For The Job

We have mentioned in previous posts just how important it is to seal costly air leaks within your home, but do you know how to take care of this? Here’s a quick guide to choosing and using caulk for improving energy efficiency in your Kansas City-area home. Employed on concert with other weatherization techniques, proper caulking can help keep warm air inside during the winter …

Want To Perform Your Own Energy Audit? Use This Tool

If you’re concerned about heating your home this winter, take a little time and do an energy audit. The U.S. Department of Energy makes it easy for you to perform your own, by providing an online tool that shows how your home stacks up, compared to others in the area. By plugging in some specifics, the tool tells your rating on the …

Sealing Air Leaks? Consider These Tips For Applying Weatherstripping And Caulk

When your home has air leaks, warmed or cooled air escapes or enters through cracks around doors, windows, floors and walls. To seal these leaks and reduce heating and cooling costs, consider applying weatherstripping and caulking in gaps around your home. Your energy savings will easily outweigh the costs of sealing air leaks. Sealing can also improve indoor air quality.