Looking to Lower Your Home Heating Bills? Pointers to Keep Money in Your Pocket

Looking to Lower Your Home Heating Bills? Pointers to Keep Money in Your PocketIt’s official – colder weather has arrived in the Kansas City area, and the first home heating bills of the season will be heading your way soon. If your goal is to keep more money in your pocket this winter, there are lots of energy-saving strategies that can help. These cost-effective pointers can put you on the right track toward lower heating bills, and the bonus is that most of these tips will save energy in the summer, as well.

Tighten up your home against air leaks:

  • Check the weatherstripping on all your exterior doors, and fix any missing caulking around your windows and any gaps in the frames.
  • Examine your siding and foundation and seal any holes or defects where warm air can escape.
  • Add insulating gaskets behind switches and plugs that are located on exterior walls.
  • Install a chimney balloon to prevent warm air from escaping through the fireplace.
  • Top up your attic insulation so you have a total of at least R-30, and don’t forget to insulate the access hatch.

Reduce your hot water heating costs:

  • Wrap your hot water and boiler piping with foam insulation.
  • Install aerators on your shower heads and faucets to save on hot water use.
  • Lower your water heater’s temperature setting to 115 degrees

Boost your home heating efficiency:

  • Schedule a seasonal furnace clean and service. Have your humidifier serviced as well.
  • Find and fix any gaps around the joints in your ductwork, but use mastic sealant and/or metal tape for a better seal.
  • Switch your ceiling fans to “reverse” (clockwise blake rotation), and leave them running on low to re-circulate warm air that collects near the ceiling.
  • Check your furnace filter once a month, and replace it whenever it looks dirty.
  • Add a programmable thermostat, and set it for a nightly temperature drop of10
  • Lower your thermostat setting by an extra degree in the daytime, and wrap up in your favorite sweater.
  • Let the winter sunshine in through your south-facing windows to benefit from free solar heat.

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