What Can Duct Sealing Do? Improve Efficiency, Air Quality And Comfort

What Can Duct Sealing Do? Improve Efficiency, Air Quality And ComfortIn many homes, air ducts are located out of sight and, therefore, out of homeowners’ minds. But if you suspect that your heating and cooling system is working less efficiently than it should, leaky ductwork could be to blame. Scheduling an appointment to have your ducts inspected and sealed offers three distinct benefits.

Increase your comfort

Broken, leaky and disconnected ducts can let a lot of conditioned air escape, though exactly how much depends on the leak’s severity. Regardless of the leak’s severity, leaky ductwork makes it difficult to heat your house in winter and, if you have a central air conditioner, can make it equally difficult to keep it cool during the summer. Having your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor inspect your ductwork for leaks, and then perform any necessary duct sealing, ensures that your conditioned air is delivered straight into your living space, rather than to the outside air.

Conserve energy and money

When air escapes from your ducts, it not only makes it hard to control your home’s temperature, but it also costs you money by making your HVAC less efficient. Leaky air ducts force your heating and cooling appliances to work unnecessarily hard to condition your home. This eats up energy, and raises your energy bills. Duct sealing is an investment that pays off for many homeowners in the form of energy savings.

Improving indoor air quality

Air can easily get out of leaky ducts, but other things can just as easily get in. A host of particles including dust, pollen and mold spores can enter your home through leaky ductwork. This can be particularly troublesome if you or your loved ones suffer from asthma or allergies. And if your ducts pass through a storage area, such as your basement or garage, leaks also can allow auto emissions and other fumes to seep in. Having your HVAC contractor perform duct sealing keeps your air cleaner, and can significantly reduce indoor allergy symptoms.

Depending on the accessibility of your air ducts, you might be able to seal all or part of them yourself by using duct sealant. In many cases, however, ducts are located in areas that are inaccessible without specialized tools and equipment, which requires expert assistance.

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