Is Your Duct System Up To Meeting Your Home’s Heating Demands?

A home’s heating system will only be as efficient as its individual components. You could have the most energy-efficient furnace available, but if you have issues with your duct system, you will have problems meeting your home’s heating demands this winter.

By having your ductwork inspected and having any problems corrected, you’ll steer back on the path of efficiently heating your home instead of throwing your heating dollars away.

Among the issues in your ductwork that a service technician will look for:

  • Uninsulated ducts that run through crawlspaces, attics and or basements
  • Blind-alley ducts that are not attached to your functional ductwork system and thus provide no heat
  • Leaks resulting from duct sections that have become disconnected or damaged
  • Duct returns that are insufficient or do not exist at all, which also pose a health hazard because your home is not properly ventilated

If any of these issues are found, you’ll want to have your ductwork repaired as soon as possible. Waiting will just cost you more money in the form of lost energy. The recommendations for repair may include:

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