Highly Suitable Locations for Solar: 4 Essentials

Highly Suitable Locations for Solar: 4 EssentialsAs the prices for solar panels and other components of a solar system decline with improvements in technology and manufacturing, the option of installing a solar system for your Kansas City area home can become a practical reality, greatly reducing your monthly bill to the utility company. The most cost-effective installations are on homes that have prime locations for solar, meeting the following requirements:

  • Line-of-Sight Sun Exposure: The home should have an unobstructed view of the sun. Buildings, trees or roof structures between the solar panels and the sun may create shade and reduce electrical output by a significant amount. Also, the sun’s position must be taken into account. As the day progresses, and the angle of the sun changes, sunny spots can become shaded. In addition, objects that do not block the sun during the summer may shade the panels during the winter, when the sun is lower in the sky.
  • Proper Directional Orientation: The best locations for solar feature southern-facing surfaces where the panels will receive the most exposure as the sun moves east to west. If a direct southern angle is not feasible, the panels may be turned toward the east or west, though performance may suffer.
  • Sufficient Installation Area: Solar arrays can cover a large surface area, depending on the amount of energy needed. If you do not have the roof space necessary, this may limit the installation size, though it’s possible to use other installation methods, such as pole mounting, if aesthetics are not an issue.
  • Suitable Roof Surface: The roof should be in good condition prior to installation, and it should be capable of bearing the additional weight. Installations over existing surfaces, such as slate or clay tiles, will require more care to prevent leaks than installation over composite shingles or sheet metal.

If suitable locations for solar are found, all that remains is for you to determine what your solar needs will be. If you’re ready to design your system, please contact us at Overland Park Heating and Cooling to help guide you through the process. We serve Kansas City and many of the surrounding areas.

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