Heat Pump Replacement: Size Really Matters When It Comes to Efficiency

Heat Pump Replacement: Size Really Matters When It Comes to EfficiencyIf you’re considering a heat pump replacement before the onset of winter, you’re probably making a wise decision. You will benefit from improved year-round comfort, as well as lowered utility bills. However, you will only receive those benefits if you take the time to have your system sized appropriately for your home. Size definitely matters when it comes to heat pump efficiency. Make sure your contractor uses accurate load calculations when helping you select the best make and model for your home, and you may find that your ducts need to be re-sized as well.Here are the steps for maximizing the efficiency of your heat pump replacement.

Use precise load calculations. There was a time when HVAC contractors used “rule of thumb” measurements in order to size a heat pump, A/C or furnace. In most cases, the size was based purely on the home’s square footage. Now, the industry recognizes that multiple factors contribute to HVAC efficiency, including:

  • Lot and house orientation
  • Quality of building materials
  • Number of heat-generating appliances
  • Existing ventilation
  • Air leakage and insulation levels
  • Occupancy

Energy-conscious HVAC contractors use Manuals J and S to determine the best size, make and model for optimal heat pump efficiency.

Adhere to professional recommendations. Once the load calculations are complete, adhere to your HVAC contractor’s recommendations. It’s not a good idea to choose an oversized or undersized unit simply because it’s on sale. The heat pump will run inefficiently, which will result in increased energy consumption and excess wear and tear, both of which are costly problems. The extra money you spend now on an energy-efficient, properly sized heat pump replacement should pay for itself in lower utility bills over the years.

Take a look at the duct design. Replacing a heat pump provides the opportunity to re-evaluate your duct design. If you live in an older home, you may find that your ducts are the wrong size, or have been laid out inefficiently. If your ducts aren’t maintaining adequate airflow, it will be impossible for your heat pump replacement to operate efficiently.

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