Helpful Tips on How to Properly Heat an Attached Garage

It’s entirely possible to heat an attached garage, but before deciding on a system to use, it helps to take into account how you plan to use your garage and how often you’ll use this investment. By working with an HVAC contractor, you can refine your decision. Fuel Types The least expensive fuel in the greater Kansas area for heating is natural gas, followed …

Before You Buy Know These HVAC System Terms: AFUE, SEER, and HSPF

What do all those acronyms mean and why does terminology matter when you’re thinking of making an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) purchase? The short answer is that these terms have a great deal to do with rating efficiency of the products — including air conditioners, furnace, and heat pumps — that are essential for home comfort.

Two Types of Dehumidifiers: Which Will Work for Your Home?

We all know that there are many reasons to purchase a dehumidifier for your greater Kansas City area home. Some of the most common benefits include the reduction of mold and mildew fungi, drier sinuses and lower energy costs. There’s no doubt about it, dehumidifiers can be a helpful addition to the average home, but not all dehumidifiers are created …

Get Educated Before Purchasing Your New Furnace: Here’s a Start on Your Homework

The warm days of summer and early fall will soon be behind us, so if you had trouble with your home’s furnace last winter and decided to upgrade before this coming winter, now’s the time to start looking into buying a furnace that will provide reliable heating for your home at a low monthly utility cost.

Smart Thermostats Are Getting Smarter

If you’ve been using programmable thermostats to help lower the energy costs in your Kansas City area home, you realize the comfort and the savings benefits that your thermostat has to offer. And now, there’s an even a better way to save. It’s known as a smart thermostat, and it offers all of the energy-saving benefits of a standard programmable thermostat… and …