End-of-Season A/C Care: Button Up Your System Against the Kansas City Cold

End-of-Season A/C Care: Button Up Your System Against the Kansas City ColdBefore long, you’ll be shutting off your air conditioner for the season. Rather than just shutting it down and forgetting about it, it’s important to button up your system with some end-of-season A/C care.End-of-Season Cleaning and Preparation 

There are a number of small cleaning tasks that you should perform on your cooling system, including the following:

  • Clean coils and fins to eliminate any accumulated dirt or dust 
  • Close your A/C’s water valve to shut off water, and then drain any water still in the pipes and hoses 
  • Shut off the power to the outside condensing unit and remove any leaves or debris from around the cabinet. These can allow moisture to get inside, something you really want to avoid. Follow this up by washing the outside of the unit to remove dust and caked-on dirt.
  • Install a custom Air Conditioner Cover available through Overland Park Heating and Cooling dealer. This will keep fall leaves and other debris from entering the inside of the outdoor unit

For more help with end-of-season A/C care in the greater Kansas City area, please contact our experts at Overland Park Heating & Cooling.

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