OPHC Techs Solve Water Filtration Problems Common in Ice Makers and Humidifiers

Recently our technicians have seen a significant number of water filtration problems with both humidifiers and ice makers. In both cases, the cause can be traced to the hard water common in Kansas City. Due to the high levels of calcium in our water supply, the calcium builds up and causes obstructions. However, our technicians can employ solutions that will …

Some Basic Energy Savers That Are Also Good for the Environment

As the cold winter┬ámoves into┬áthe Kansas City area, it’s easy to forget the importance of conserving energy. As we continue to deplete non-renewable resources, and increase carbon dioxide emissions, we hurt the environment. On a personal level, we waste not only our natural resources, but also hard-earned money. Fortunately, a few easy energy savers can dramatically reduce unnecessary consumption.