OPHC Techs Solve Water Filtration Problems Common in Ice Makers and Humidifiers

Recently our technicians have seen a significant number of water filtration problems with both humidifiers and ice makers. In both cases, the cause can be traced to the hard water common in Kansas City. Due to the high levels of calcium in our water supply, the calcium builds up and causes obstructions. However, our technicians can employ solutions that will help you avoid these problems.

In the case of ice makers, the calcium build-up creates a blockage and causes the ice maker to stop working. To prevent the ice maker from becoming clogged, our technicians replace the traditional saddle value with a tee with another larger value on it going into the ice maker. This creates a larger area without a pinch point that will attract calcium and allow it to build up.

When calcium builds up within a humidifier, it begins to operate less effectively than in the past. To prevent calcium from building up, a filter is installed leading into the humidifier. The filter will collect the calcium before it can enter the humidifier, which will allow it to operate more efficiently and extend the life of the unit.

If your ice maker or humidifier is experiencing water filtration problems, give Overland Park Heating and Cooling a call. Our technicians can assess your equipment and recommend the appropriate solution.