Annual HVAC Service: Make Sure Your Next Appointment Includes These 3 Steps

Regardless of what type of heating system your home employs, annual HVAC service is critical to both the safe operation of your equipment and to avoiding costly repairs. In order to get the most out of your preventive maintenance plan, here are three steps that should be included with your next service checkup:

1. Safety inspection

When your trusted HVAC contractor arrives on site, he or she should be prepared to do a full safety check on your heating equipment. The furnace’s combustion chamber should be examined for any cracks, and all connections between the furnace and main ducts should be sealed. Your technician will also need to check for potential sources of carbon monoxide (CO) and remedy the issue, if needed. In addition, your fuel input and furnace flame should be checked and adjusted if necessary.

2. Maintenance of all parts

Every bit of your HVAC equipment from your furnace to your ducts, thermostat and vents should be in proper working order to ensure that your system will operate efficiently and effectively. All moving parts should be lubricated, all connections should be tightened, and every piece of your equipment should be cleaned thoroughly. Your technician should check the air-supply temperature, adjust the blower speed, and check for the proper refrigerant levels if you’re using a heat pump. Lastly, your professional must clean or change your system’s air filter so that the system can run at maximum efficiency and avoid any dirt buildup that could lead to wasted energy, uneven heating or system breakdown.

3. Evaluate air sealing and insulation

Have a insulating contractor evaluate your home for any air leaks that could be causing uncomfortable drafts and lost energy, as well as checking that your home is properly insulated. Especially in your attic, insulation is imperative if you want to keep your heated air inside where it can do you some good. If air leaks or poor insulation are discovered, it’s a simple matter to seal those leaks and add insulation.

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