What To Keep In Mind While Considering A Zoning System

What To Keep In Mind While Considering A Zoning SystemIf you’re searching for a new way to put a substantial dent in your monthly heating and cooling bills, you should consider installation of a zoning system in your Kansas City area home. Separating your home into discrete climate zones with independent temperature control will allow you to save money on energy while giving your home’s occupants control over comfort wherever they are in the house.

What Is a Zoning System?

Most modern homes utilize a central heating and cooling system controlled by one thermostat located in a central location, usually on the main floor. This can be very inefficient when it comes to energy use and occupant preferences for heating and cooling. A zoning system allows you to concentrate heating and cooling only in the areas of your home that you designate.

What Are the Benefits of a Zoning System?

Professional installation of a zoning system in your Greater Kansas City area home offers attractive benefits, including:

  • Saving energy – Instead of being forced to condition your entire home at once, you can focus on a limited number of zones. This means that your HVAC equipment will run less, saving energy and money.
  • More accurate temperatures – When you set your thermostat, a traditional system will run until it reaches your desired temperature, but only in the room where the device is located. If you’re in another room, the temperature might still not be to your liking. Zoning systems fix this problem with the use of multiple thermostats that control duct dampers into each zone.
  • Evens out multi-level conditioning – If your home has an upper and lower level, you can designate each level as a zone. This will help you even out the temperatures between, for example, upstair bedrooms that get warm in the afternoon and a finished basement that tends to stay cooler than the rest of the house.
  • Better consistency – The hot and cold spots that are common in a traditional one-thermostat system are less likely with the use of multiple zones.

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