Spring Allergy Relief Starts Inside The Home

Spring Allergy Relief Starts Inside The HomeSpring allergies can be painful as well as irritating, literally causing headaches and body aches. Millions of Americans suffer from allergies every year, especially during the spring. 

Contrary to popular belief, allergies are more than just an outside problem. The inside of the home is where the care must start. The interior of the home must be kept as clean as possible. Here are seven ways to ensure that spring allergies do not consume you:

  • There are many ways to keep the kitchen area free from allergies. Trash should be taken out every day. The refrigerator should be wiped down, removing any food particles that could mold. Floors, walls and windows should be routinely cleaned with appropriate cleaners that will remove potential allergy carrying particles.
  • Never have carpet in the bathroom. Moisture can soak into carpets and they can retain mildew. You should settle for removable rugs or a hard surface.
  • Wash your bedding every week. Since bedding comes in contact with your body, it collects allergens every time you sleep.
  • The living room can be treated by vacuuming often. Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Regular vacuums tend to redistribute allergens back into the atmosphere. This defeats the whole purpose of cleaning the house to reduce spring allergies.
  • One very effective way to eliminate allergens is to reorganize the home. If there are piles of papers, toys, picture frames and knick-knacks cluttering the home, they’ll collect allergen-carrying dust.
  • Invest in a wholehouse home air purifier to remove the great majority of airborne particulates from your home’s air, including pollen and other allergens. You should also take time to schedule an HVAC professional to maintain and clean your Cooling system annually. This makes the system more energy-efficient and also helps improve indoor air quality.
  • If cleaning is done on a routine basis, it works much better than a big cleanup every month or two. Taking small steps and organizing a cleaning schedule is the best way to keep the home free from allergens.

You can find more information on eliminating spring allergies at Overland Park Heating and Cooling Inc. With our strategies for preventing spring allergy attacks, your home can become a cleaner, more comfortable environment.

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