Extended HVAC System Warranties: Keep These 4 Things In Mind

Extended HVAC System Warranties: Keep These 4 Things In MindHere in the Kansas City area, we experience extreme weather in both winter and summer. Our A/Cs and heating systems do a lot of work, and all machines typically degenerate with heavy use. Buyers of new HVAC installations usually have to decide whether to purchase an extended warranty to defray the cost of future repairs and parts replacement.

Are HVAC extended warranties the good idea they appear to be? Consider the following four factors:

1. Manufacturer Warranties

Quality equipment, bought from a reputable manufacturer, always comes with a factory warranty. This should be transferred to you, the purchaser, by your installer at no extra cost. Manufacturer warranties covering high-end appliances typically include:

  • Compressor and parts coverage for up to 10 years
  • Labor charges for any work for up to two years

2. Installer’s Warranty

HVAC installers often also convey limited warranties on labor. While in some cases these may also be an effort to sell you something, the potential benefits are very real. If you are contemplating an upgrade or new install, ask several potential contractors what free warranties they offer.

3. Why the Extended Warranty May Be a Good Idea

Sales personnel should sell you on the benefits of an extended warranty, which above all, is to protect you, the consumer, from the high cost of repairing an expensive high-efficiency heating or cooling system. You can gamble that you won’t need the extended warranty, and more often than not, you’ll win the bet. But losing it – having to pay top-dollar for an expensive repair – is something that’s worth avoiding.

4. Help Yourself, Too

Just because you have an extended warranty doesn’t mean you shouldn’t schedule regular maintenance routine with a reputable local HVAC company. Expert, annual service extends the working life of high-efficiency equipment, while also improving operating efficiency and home comfort. That’s a worthwhile payoff even if you are protected by an extended warranty.

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