Landscaping and Your HVAC System Can Work Hand in Hand: Learn How

 Landscaping and Your HVAC System Can Work Hand in Hand: Learn HowA well-designed and planned landscaping layout in your yard in conjunction with a quality HVAC system can help make the home more energy-efficient. There are several design features that can be worked into a landscape plan to help an overworked heating or cooling system operate more efficiently. When the landscaping and your HVAC system work together, you will get better results.

Homeowners today often look for green solutions to help reduce energy use in the household. Landscaping is a natural way to help ease demand on your HVAC system.  The weather can be extreme in the Kansas City area, and landscaping features will need to be designed for both hot and cold seasons.

Utilizing Trees and Shrubs to Provide Shade

The shading of both west- and south-facing windows should be a priority in landscaping designs. Using trees to shade windows that receive afternoon sun will cut down on heat entering the house in summer. Trees planted in front of south-facing windows should be located at least twice the adult height away from the house. This will allow the sun to warm the home in the winter months. The outdoor unit of your A/C or heat pump can be located in an area where trees or shrubs provide shade in the summer to reduce heat buildup and allow them to function efficiently.

Planting Wind Breaks in the Landscaping

A wind break planted on the north and west side of a house can reduce energy consumption significantly. Planting evergreen trees and shrubs along the north and west sides of the property will block the wind from impacting the home. Trees will reduce wind speed for a distance of up to 30 times their height. Using these strategies will help to reduce strain on the heating system in the winter.

Implementing all or some of these ideas will allow the landscaping and your HVAC system to help save on energy expenses. To learn more about expert ways to improve your HVAC performance and save money on heating and cooling expenses in the Kansas City area, please contact Overland Park Heating and Cooling.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Overland Park, Kansas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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