WiFi Thermostats and the Benefits to You and Your Home

WiFi Thermostats and the Benefits to You and Your HomeUntil recently, a home thermostat was pretty much a standard thermostat. No longer. If you still think all thermostats are alike, you’ll want to learn about WiFi thermostats. These state-of-the-art thermostats can improve your life and home in several ways.

What Are WiFi Thermostats?

This relatively recent technology represents a big improvement over programmable thermostats, which themselves added important features to standard HVAC thermostat technology. Programmable models allow homeowners to change settings ahead of time to improve comfort and minimize energy waste. Wireless technology takes this controllability a step further.


The most prominent benefit of a WiFi thermostat is having remote access. You can view all the current temperature data about your home and thermostat settings from any device that can connect to the Internet. If your plans change or you simply want to adjust settings, you can do that on your device instead of having to go home.

Another great feature of WiFi thermostats is being able to track temperature data. For more detailed data collection, you can install temperature sensors wherever you like in your home. Later, you can log on and view that data in order to optimize how you set your thermostat.

Finally, many WiFi thermostat models will themselves adapt to your preferences and usage habits at home. These programs are designed to “learn” from your habits and optimize your heating and cooling schedules.

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