The Ductless Mini Split: A Heat Pump, And Then Some

The Ductless Mini Split: A Heat Pump, And Then SomeThe ductless mini split is a versatile, redesigned heat pump that offers all the benefits of heat-pump systems, plus practical cooling and heating solutions for add-ons, retrofits, bonus rooms and more. 

Practical solutions 

Ductless mini splits were designed to provide great energy efficiency, zoned temperature control, and versatile installation options for just about any home project. Up to four indoor air handlers can each be installed up to 50 feet away from the outdoor condensing unit. The indoor blower coil can be mounted high on walls, as free-standing floor units and mounted flush in drop ceilings, and can even be installed inside the wall with a flush air-supply register as with central systems.

The outdoor unit (compressor and condenser) is compact in design, which provides more choices for its location. The out door unit is connected to the indoor blower coil by refrigerant tubing, 240V power supply and a  simple drain system. It only requires about a three-inch hole in the outer wall of each location with an air handler.

Benefits of ductless mini splits 

In addition to versatile installation options, the benefits of mini split systems include optimized comfort, zoning cooling and heating, greater energy efficiency, and easy maintenance. The air handlers operate with very low noise output. Each is independently controlled, providing individualized comfort for household members, and saving energy by only cooling and heating areas that are occupied.

In addition, ductless mini splits have zero airflow loss since they don’t use ductwork. This reduces energy expenses and maintenance for leaky ducts, which is a common problem in the average home. Your ductless mini split system should be serviced regularly by a heating and cooling pro. However, do-it-yourself maintenance is light and easy. Check the filter periodically, and ensure the outdoor unit isn’t hindered by debris, leaves or other obstructions.

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