Brace For That Blast Of Dust When You Turn On Your Furnace — Or Just Get Your Ductwork Cleaned

duct cleaning overland park kansasOne of the nicest smells in a new car is the “new” smell. But if your home or office is new, there could be an unpleasant surprise when your heating system cranks up at the first chill of fall. Thick dust clouds surging from interior vents can look – and smell – awful.  

Indoor air-duct pollution sources:

  • Molds, contact or airborne
  • New construction dust and debris from drywall, or flooring install
  • Plaster, sawdust or concrete remodel dust
  • Pet dander, fur or feathers
  • Human hair
  • Rodent droppings

All are unpleasant, and some are extremely hazardous – even in tiny portions. 

Should you worry?

According to the EPA, long-term health deterioration can be linked to bad indoor air quality, whether the bad air is created in the ductwork or just re-circulated by it. Environmental research suggests that removing serious allergens from air ducts can benefit respiratory health, while light amounts of lingering household dust are normal and acceptable.

What to do about it?

Not all duct problems are easy to see or solve. Because some types of mold and debris may do even more harm if stirred up and set into motion all over again, it’s best to find a licensed professional to do the duct cleaning for you.

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