Your Heat Pump Installation: Take Care Before It Goes in, and You’ll Be Pleased After It Goes On

Many homeowners don’t realize how important heat pump installation is to the performance of this major appliance. When all the factors that affect its performance are addressed, the system will deliver the efficiency it promises. The primary considerations before and during the installation include the energy efficiency of your home, the ductwork that delivers the conditioned air, and the placement of the outdoor condenser.

Energy efficiency

Adding insulation to your attic and sealing air leaks in your home will help cut the conditioning load and could help you choose a smaller system, helping you save money on its purchase price and ongoing operating costs. When the HVAC professionals assess your home to size the heat pump, verify that they use Manual J protocols to size the equipment and your home’s ductwork.

With manual J, you and the contractor can input different variables to see how increased insulation and lower infiltration rates will affect the size you need. You may even benefit from a professional energy audit to identify your home’s energy losses and fix them.


The existing ductwork needs to be carefully assessed to determine its tightness and airflow before the heat pump installation process begins. The contractor should test it to discover leakage, and repair the breaches using mastic or metal tape. Depending on the size of the system you need and its current configuration, the ductwork may need to be altered so there’s adequate return flow for the air handler. After installation, the total ductwork leakage should be 10 percent or lower.


Placing the outdoor condenser in a shady location improves its efficiency. It needs to have ample space on all sides to help it lose the heat the refrigerant removes from your home in the summer. Choosing a location away from vegetation that creates a lot of debris, including leaves, branches and grass clippings, will also help it run more efficiently.

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