Energy Vampires: Don’t Allow Them To Overpower Your Home

Most people are conscious about how much electricity they use, especially in the summer when the cooling system runs hard to keep you comfortable. But do you give energy vampires much thought? They drive up your electric bills without you even knowing it, and the worst part is that you get nothing from that lost power.

Sizing Your New Water Heater

Having a water heater that’s large enough is important for meeting your home’s hot water needs, but water heaters that are too large actually prove less efficient. What this means is that you need to properly size your unit before you start shopping for water heaters. Here are some tips for correctly sizing different types of water heaters.

Maintenance: What You Can Do, And What You Should Leave To The Pros

When it comes to taking care of your HVAC system, some steps can easily be performed by homeowners, while others should be left to the professionals. While most heating and cooling systems don’t require very much maintenance beyond twice-annual professional check-ups, there are still tasks every homeowner can do to keep their equipment functioning properly and efficiently. For advanced tasks, …