How to Detect a Carbon Monoxide Leak in Your Johnson County Home

Carbon monoxide, a highly poisonous, odorless and tasteless gas, is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. As such, various appliances in your home – such as gas-burning furnaces, water heaters and cook tops – emit this gas every time you use them. Fortunately, under normal circumstances, carbon monoxide is vented outdoors where it dissipates harmlessly into the air. However, a carbon monoxide leak can develop …

Got A High-Efficiency Furnace? Here’s How To Maintain The Outdoor Sidewall Vent Piping Termination

A high-efficiency furnace can save your family substantially on your heating bills, depending on where you live and what you pay for natural gas, propane or fuel oil. These furnaces also provide improved home comfort, with even and reliable heating. However, these furnaces use a different process for venting combustion gases and by-products.