Smart Thermostats Are Getting Smarter

If you’ve been using programmable thermostats to help lower the energy costs in your Kansas City area home, you realize the comfort and the savings benefits that your thermostat has to offer. And now, there’s an even a better way to save. It’s known as a smart thermostat, and it offers all of the energy-saving benefits of a standard programmable thermostat… and more.How a programmable thermostat saves you money

Finding a balance between your desire to lower energy costs and your need for basic comfort can be difficult. Programmable thermostats can help with that, by allowing you to set daily and weekly schedules for your heating and cooling systems. You can set the thermostat to bring temperatures to comfortable levels at varying intervals during the week and on the weekends, and set back temperatures when nobody’s home or everyone’s asleep. This can lower your utility bills by decreasing the amount of time the system is running, without reducing comfort.

How a smart thermostat saves you money

In addition to the standard features you enjoy with a programmable thermostat, a smart thermostat includes high-tech functions that give you even better control. Depending on the model, some of them might include:

  • Mobile connectivity – If you get stuck at work or want to stay out with friends later than normal, mobile connectivity will allow you to change your thermostat settings from virtually anywhere. You can do this either by computer or smartphone.
  • Learning your preferences – It won’t take long before some of the more advanced smart thermostats will know your usage habits better than you know them yourself. This allows it to make adaptive changes that will further lower your energy costs.
  • Data reporting – Want to know what your energy usage looks like in a visual sense? These advanced thermostats will send you a report that charts out how you’re utilizing your energy.

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