R-22 Refrigerant Supplies Are Getting Tighter–Is It Time for That A/C Replacement?

If you have been on the fence about replacing your old A/C system, reduction of R-22 refrigerant supplies as a result of federal compliance with the Clean Air Act may persuade to consider moving up replacement on your priority list.Significant supply reductions
As per limits set by the U.S. EPA, 30 percent less R-22 is available this year than last year. Reduced by 16 million pounds from the 59 million pounds allowed in 2012, R-22 refrigerant supplies are dwindling and will be phased out by 2020. In its place, R-410A, a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, is being used in new A/Cs and heat pumps.

Expense of limited supplies
Limited R-22 refrigerant supplies will increase demand and therefore price of existing supplies. Recycling and re-use of existing R-22 is another option some contractors may use; however, planning ahead now and reducing your future dependency on this limited resource is advisable.

Inability to retrofit
Retrofitting older systems to run on the new refrigerant, R-410A, is not an option. Using this refrigerant with older systems not only wont work it will damage your equipment.

Installation issues
If you are considering a partial upgrade, which means replacing your outdoor unit but not your indoor  evaporator coil or air handler, be aware that some most indoor coils and air handlers are not compatible with R-410. Be sure to use a licensed, certified technician, as improper installation will result incompatible issues that will result in damage to your coolling system.  

Benefits of replacing your A/C
There are many other practical reasons for replacing your old system in addition to refrigerant supply concerns, such as lower bills with a higher efficiency cooling system, increased comfort and convenience, better air quality, eliminate issues with outdated refrigerant compatibility and possible federal energy tax credits.

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