Land And Soil Requirements For A Geothermal Heat Pump

A geothermal heat pump is a highly-efficient form of a heat pump that can reach  astronomically high efficiency. Located under the earth, a geothermal heat pump uses the temperature of the ground as the exchange rate for the air that filters through your home. Geothermal heat pumps can both heat and cool your house, providing energy savings year-round. A more efficient heat pump in your Kansas City home can lead to significantly lower energy bills throughout the year.

Not every home is a good candidate for a geothermal system. Certain land and soil requirements are necessary for the proper installation and use of the system. An HVAC contractor will look at the following considerations when determining the best heating and cooling system for your home:

  • Soil heat transfer rate: The temperature rate of your soil will determine how effective the heat pump will transfer heat and in turn, regulating the air temperature in your home. Hard rock will make it harder to install the system, while shallow soil around your home may prevent you from installing the unit at all.
  • Space: The geothermal system requires ample room for the installation of the ground “loop”. The more space you have around your home, the easier it will be to install the system. Areas with a lot of external space use horizontal “loop” installation, while smaller spaces require the use of the harder-to-install vertically bored installation.
  • Water: The water saturation around your home will help determine the eligibility of your home for a geothermal heat pump. The more water saturation surrounding your home, the easier it is to install the geothermal system. If your home has a lot of groundwater around, you can install an open loop system, which will use the groundwater to transfer the heat in the heat pump system therefor affect the temperature of the air that goes into your home.

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