Hybrid Dual-Fuel Systems: What You Need To Know When Upgrading

The introduction of dual-fuel “hybrid” systems to the residential heating and air customer is an excellent addition to the growing list of energy-efficient concepts. Combining two separate methods of heating a home adds an extra advantage to today’s efficient equipment.

Dual-fuel “hybrid”systems blend the comfort of gas-furnace heat with the efficiency of a modern heat pump. On days when our Kansas City temperatures drop into the frigid range, heat is provided by the furnace. When moderate temperatures rise above 30 degrees or so, the heat pump automatically comes on to provide the heat for the home. This allows the heat pump to operate in the most efficient range and the furnace to heat only when needed.

At installation, the service technician sets the temperature point where the furnace heat begins and the heat pump shuts off. This temperature set point is adjustable so that maximum savings on both gas and electricity costs can be achieved into the future.

In the warmer months, all cooling for the home is provided by the heat pump. Heat pump cooling is no different than central air as there is no loss of cooling capacity whatsoever when a heat pump is chosen

This combination of heat sources gives homeowners greater flexibility and control over both the comfort of their homes and the costs of electricity and gas. If gas costs rise, the heat pump can be used for longer periods to offset the rising costs. If electricity costs rise, those adjustments can be made as well.

The marriage of gas and electricity with dual fuel “hybrid” systems gives homeowners a measure of independence since heating costs are not tied to only one source.

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