Heat Pumps: Advanced Design In Air Conditioning Systems

There was a time when heat pumps were not considered efficient enough for home or commercial use because they consumed so much energy.  However, newer generations of heat pumps have proven to be real energy savers when used for heat as well as air conditioning in homes and businesses.

  • Heat pumps operate to cool as well as heat a home or business.  In areas like Kansas City, where the winter temperatures vary, a heat pump operation is extremely economical in the 30 degree and above temperature range. Included with all heat pumps, a back up source of heat will provide the extra needed comfort below 30 degrees.
  • Heat pumps are designed to move heat from one area to another — from outside to inside. The heat pump actually cools efficiently in the summer by reversing the flow of freon  thus moving heat from the inside to the great outdoors.
  • Newer two-speed heat pumps allow the compressor to run at different speeds depending on the indoor desired temperature and the capacity needs. This two speed operation eliminates over heating or cooling a space which saves a great deal of money on the heating and cooling bill.
  • Some heat pumps have variable-speed fans, which helps energy efficiency even more.
  • Compressor technology has come a long way as well; some new scroll compressors force the coolant into smaller areas, making the most out of the coolant while minimizing the workload on the compressor.
  • In the Kansas City area heat pumps are most efficient and effective with a back up source of heat consisting of either gas furnace or a all electric air handler. The newer systems allow the  switch over between the sources of heat to be automatic in design with seamless effectiveness.

All of these new advances encourage us to reconsider a heat pump as a heating and cooling solution.  Whatever choice is made, the professionals at Overland Park Heating & Cooling can help in the decision making process by providing advice tailored to your specific needs. Contact us any time.

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