Heat Pump Maintenance — Why It’s Essential For Year-Round Comfort And Savings

Heat Pump Maintenance -- Why It's Essential For Year-Round Comfort And SavingsRoutine heat pump maintenance performed by you throughout the year and then annually by an HVAC professional keeps your system working in top condition. Maintenance will lower your electric bills and increase the likelihood that the appliance will deliver the conditioned air you rely on winter and summer. 

Routine maintenance

  • Check the air filter for the blower at least once a month when you’re using the appliance. Clean or replace it if necessary. When dust and other material clogs the filter, the airflow through the blower slows, driving up your electric bill. Eventually, the dust and dirt make their way into the blower, and when they cover the evaporator coil, the heat pump doesn’t run as efficiently. In the summer, the evaporator coil can freeze over, causing the compressor and condenser to run continually. Constant operation can overheat these parts, causing a breakdown.
  • Clean the outdoor condenser coils from time to time, especially if you don’t use a bag to collect the grass clippings when you mow. Use a hose with a moderate spray to remove the dust and other debris. Remove any plant debris from around the condenser. Anything that slows the cooling of the refrigerant in the condenser drives up your electric bills.

Professional heat pump maintenance
When an HVAC professional maintains your system, he probably will complete the following steps to keep it working as closely as possible to the manufacturer’s specifications:

  • Measure the airflow to verify that it’s adequate. Inadequate air pressure can indicate loose or leaking ducts, raising your electric bill, bringing airborne particulates through your ducts, and creating a hazard in the winter if you use gas-burning appliances due to backdrafting of carbon monoxide through your ducts.
  • Check and clean all the electrical connections.
  • Test the refrigerant. If it’s low, the technician will check for leaks and fix them before recharging your system.
  • Lubricate the motors and check the belt (if applicable), tightening if necessary.

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