Five Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home During Peak Pollen Season

About one out of five people living in the United States experiences symptoms of allergies in their home. If you have regular sneezing fits, bouts of stuffy nose, itchy eyes, or shortness of breath, you could benefit from these five tips during peak pollen season.

  1. Lay down doormats at entrances to your home. Pollen and other outdoor allergens can easily be tracked on the bottom of shoes, so wipe your feet when you come home and have guests leave their shoes by the door. To be as effective as possible, lay down a mat both on the inside and outside of the door
  2. Change air filters. Your air conditioner and furnace have air filters that need to be changed periodically. Clean filters will trap pollen, dander, dust, and all other allergens so they can’t re-circulate throughout your home.
  3. Use exhaust fans. Find out if the vents in your home, like those in the kitchen and bathroom, vent to the outside or if they merely re-circulate air or vent air to the attic. If possible, replace vents with ones that take the air outside. The other ventilation methods are less effective at creating an allergy-proof home.
  4. Consider a room air filter. Like the water you drink, the air is full of particles that are too small to see. However, they are certainly significant enough to bring on allergy attacks. Room air filters capture airborne allergens so you can’t breathe them in. When shopping for a potential unit, make sure you find one that doesn’t produce ozone, a gas that can be an irritant for people with allergies.
  5. Attach a HEPA filter to your vacuum. If you need to upgrade your vacuum to a new model to make this happen, the investment will certainly be worth it. HEPA filters can trap minuscule particles as small as .3 microns that tend to be some of the most detrimental allergens.

You will be closer to achieving an allergy-proof home after you implement these five beneficial tips. To get started, contact Overland Park Heating and Cooling, Inc. in Kansas City, Kansas.

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