5 Reasons Your Home Could Benefit from a Dehumidifier this Summer

High levels of humidity in your Greater Kansas City area home reduces your indoor air quality. Excessive moisture makes the air feel sticky and unpleasant, especially during the summer months. A dehumidifier can help reduce humidity levels and improve the overall comfort level of your home.

Five Whole-House Dehumidifier Benefits

  • Cleaner air. When your home has the proper humidity level, it’s less likely to create a condition where mold and mildew can proliferate. When your indoor air is overly muggy in the summer, it may be a sign that dirty, moist air is leaking into your home. Dehumidifying the air will remove some unwanted particulates from the airstream.
  • Less mold growth. As stated, excessive moisture in the air leads to mold and mildew growth. Fungal growth isn’t just unsightly; it can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms, increase respiratory complications, stain surfaces and compromise your home’s structural integrity.
  • Lower energy consumption and cost. When humidity levels are high, it can make the air in your home feel warmer than it really is. This may cause you to turn your cooling system up, which in turn increases your energy consumption. By ensuring your home has the proper humidity level, you can reduce the amount of energy you use and lower your energy costs.
  • Reduced condensation. Excessive moisture increases condensation on windows and walls, which leads to mold growth and has the potential to damage wooden window frames. Running a dehumidifier removes moisture from the air and helps prevent condensation from forming.
  • Improved health. Too much moisture in the air causes your nasal passages and skin to become irritated. Removing the excessive moisture reduces the chance of these problems and helps you sleep better at night.

Choosing a Dehumidifier

There are essentially two types of dehumidifiers: portable and whole-house models. Portable units are less expensive and must be moved from room to room. Whole-house units have a higher upfront cost but will control humidity throughout your home. To figure out which option is best for your situation, consider the humidity levels in various parts of your home, your needs and your budget.

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