Buying A Dual-Fuel System: Four Key Questions To Ask

Before investing in a dual fuel system, ask yourself these four important questions:

  1. Do dual fuel systems work well in my Midwestern climate? A heat pump is most efficient down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit at which point an alternate heat source automatically engages. The heat pump economically and efficiently cools like an air conditioner during warm months and provides ongoing warmth in all but the coldest of temperatures.
  2. Are dual fuel systems more expensive than traditional air conditioning and furnace setups? These systems can, over time, pay for themselves in energy savings. Tax credits also may be available as well as rebates to help offset the cost of the systems. Check with your tax specialist and energy provider for more information.
  3. How much space does the system need? Like a Air Conditioner, the heat pump requires approximately nine square feet of open space on the outside of the building where the system is to be installed. The area above the heat pump should be kept unobstructed as well.
  4. Is the system complicated to maintain? Heat pumps require limited monthly maintenance. Most systems have a user programmable thermostat that provides alerts and system status should a problem arise. You should also ask if the installer offers extended warranties or annual service and maintenance contracts.  These, too, can pay for themselves over time.

Dual fuel systems can help offset rising energy costs while providing the highest quality of comfort year-round. Contact the HVAC experts at Overland Park Heating & Cooling Servicefor more information.

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