Your New Solar System: Three Key Factors To Consider

Installing a solar power system for your home can decrease your reliance on fossil fuels and increase your utility bill savings. Solar power systems capture light energy from the sun and convert that energy into usable power for your home. The energy from the sun is clean, renewable and does not require combustion to produce energy like traditional fossil-fuel sources such as natural gas, propane and oil.

If you’re thinking of installing a solar system, consider these three key factors:

  1. The location of your home.  Optimally, a home with southern exposure to the sun will maximize your energy benefits. You’ll need to make sure that your roof has unobstructed access to the sun’s rays without being shaded by trees or adjacent structures.
  2. The energy needs of your home.  Generally, a solar power system is used as a supplemental energy source that works in tandem with your existing power structure. Although harnessing and using the sun’s energy has seen tremendous strides in technology, expect not to power your house completely with this energy source. However, there are other ways to decrease your energy consumption so that your reliance on fossil fuels is reduced even more.
  3. The setup costs.  Grid-tied and stand-alone systems have different merits based on your budget, your location and your energy needs.  Commonly, grid-tied systems work well in existing homes with not as many design modification options. They lend themselves to receiving federal and local tax credits and rebates because of their reliance on the existing local power grid. Stand-alone systems may be ineligible for credits and rebates and may have more expensive costs up front. However, recouping these setup costs will happen more quickly than grid-tied costs, and their long-term savings can be substantial.

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