Why Your Home Needs Heat-Recovery Ventilation

Adequate ventilation provides your home with a continuous supply of fresh air. Energy-efficient improvement and construction methods such as weather-stripping and insulation can save you money and enhance climate control. However, these methods tend to render your home airtight, which can keep pollutants inside, not allowing them to escape into the outdoors. They should be complemented with a ventilation system to achieve the best possible air quality.

Without proper ventilation, moisture will accumulate inside the home, opening the door to mold and other allergens to develop. Heat recovery ventilation will remove this moist, fetid air and replace it with a steady flow of clean air so your family can breathe easier. The American Lung Association strongly advises proper ventilation.

Moisture can compromise the structural aspects of your home’s interior, causing the deterioration of wood, drywall and other building materials. It also decreases your home’s value and creates the need for expensive repairs. A heat recovery ventilation system protects your health and saves you money by conserving energy, too.

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