Why You Should Hire a NATE Certified HVAC Technician

Heating and cooling systems are a significant investment. But even the best systems won’t perform as well as they could if installation and service is sub-par. To ensure you get the most qualified technician to service or install your HVAC system, be sure to hire a technician who is NATE certified. NATE certification indicates that a technician has successfully passed nationally certified specialized tests that assess their real world working knowledge of HVACR systems.

NATE (North American Technician Excellence) is the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technicians. It is an independent, third-party HVAC certification organization that tests technicians on the skills required in their field. It is governed, owned, operated, developed, and supported by the entire HVACR industry. NATE tests are developed by the NATE Technical Committee, which is comprised of industry experts from across the country.

To become NATE certified, a technician must pass both a core exam (if required) and a specialty exam of their choice in either installation or service. The core exam assesses a technician’s general knowledge, construction knowledge, and HVACR-specific knowledge. The specialty exams test a candidate’s knowledge of the installation, service maintenance, and/or repair of HVACR systems. These certification tests are rigorous and not all technicians pass them on the first try. Having a NATE certification validates that a technician possesses proven skills, knowledge, and experience.

Hiring a NATE certified technician provides a range of benefits:

  • Proper installation – Poor or improper installation can reduce the efficiency of your system by up to 30 percent. NATE certified technicians have the necessary knowledge and skills to install your equipment properly so that it will operate at the specified efficiency and perform optimally.
  • Reliable maintenance – With their extensive knowledge of HVAC systems, NATE certified technicians will provide a thorough inspection and tune-up of your system to help you avoid repairs and maintain optimal efficiency.
  • Quick, accurate repairs – NATE certified technicians have extensive knowledge that allows them to diagnose and repair problems quickly. And, because they know how to get the job done right the first time, the chance of recurring issues or callbacks is dramatically decreased.
  • Lower utility bills – NATE certified technicians have the skills and knowledge to keep your system running at peak efficiency, which will save you money on both utility bills and repairs.
  • Advice and tips – NATE certified technicians are well equipped to answer any questions you have about your system as well as advise you about how to get the most from your specific system.
  • Peace of mind – By hiring a NATE certified technician, you can rest easy knowing you have put your HVAC system into the hands of a technician who has been certified as the best in the business.

Don’t trust your family’s comfort to just anyone. Hire a NATE certified technician from Overland Park Heating and Cooling for all of your HVAC needs.