Why the A/C Filter Holds the Key to the System’s Performance

If you’ve ever experienced a head cold, you know how difficult it can be to breathe when your sinuses are congested. The same holds true for your A/C filter. When it gets congested, your cooling and heating system has to work harder to produce the same effects. Overworking the system reduces the amount of time it will work effectively and will cost you in higher utility bills, as well as additional repair and replacement expenses in the long run.In the same way that changing the oil in your car regularly extends the life of your car, changing the A/C filter in your air conditioner extends its life. The system does not have to work extra hard to keep your home cool because the air flows freely through a clean A/C filter. Clean filters also help to keep moving parts free of dust particles and small bits of debris that could hamper system performance.

Besides the benefits changing the filter provides for your cooling system, clean A/C filters also improve the quality of air in your home. If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma or COPD, clean air can make a huge difference. Higher efficiency air filters prevent mold spores, allergens and other unwanted particulates from collecting in the air ducts, where they can be circulated in the home.

To keep your system working at its prime and your indoor air optimally clean, get in the habit of checking the filter in your air conditioning system once a month, and then changing it when it looks dirty. Doing so will protect your investment as well as your health.

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