Why Put off an Air Conditioner Replacement When There’s So Much to Gain Right Now?

Have you been putting off that air conditioner replacement? With so many benefits to offer, the time to upgrade to new cooling equipment has never been better than now. Here are seven compelling reasons to install a new air conditioner before the summer temperatures start to soar.

1. Reduce your energy costs: Today’s air conditioners are manufactured with higher seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER) than systems on the market just a few years ago. This translates to lower cooling costs so that you can start getting a return on your investment right away. For high-efficiency performance, look for a SEER of 16 or greater.

2. Feel more comfortable: New air conditioners are designed to boost comfort levels. Among other things, you will enjoy more even temperatures, a constant flow of conditioned air, and better humidity control.

3. Enjoy improved air quality: Because an air conditioner replacement will have an enhanced ability to control humidity levels, your home is less likely to promote the growth of toxic mold or mildew.

4. Help the environment: R-22 refrigerant, utilized by most older air conditioners, is being phased out due to environmental concerns. Trade up for a system that uses R-410A – an EPA-approved and non-ozone depleting formulate.

5. Avoid stressful breakdowns: Nothing’s quite as upsetting than an unexpected system breakdown on the hottest day of the summer. By upgrading to a new air conditioner now, you won’t have to worry about needing expensive repairs during summer’s dog days. Through regular maintenance, your new system will run reliably for many years.

6. Take advantage of tax credits: Significant federal tax credits are available to homeowners who purchase an eligible cooling system before the end of 2013 (or bought a qualifying system in 2012). Work with your HVAC contractor to select qualifying systems and save big.

7. Have warranty coverage: Buying new equipment means that you can enjoy the peace of mind that a warranty offers. Even if you’re just replacing the outdoor condensing unit with a compatible dry-charged unit (in split systems), your equipment will be covered.

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