Why Fall Leaf Clean Up is Vital to Your Home’s Health

The rustic colors of fall are a staple of the season, and bring an atmosphere of cozy cheer to any autumn day. However, those crisp leaves that make up fall’s personality can be a danger to your home if not cared for and cleaned up in a proper, timely manner.

Like millions of Americans, you may think that once the leaves tumble down from the tree, you have nothing to worry about, and nature will take care of itself. This sort of thinking is dangerous when it comes to protecting your home from potential threats. Not only do unraked and undisposed leaves serve as a poor visual to passersby, but they also run the risk of being sucked into your home’s furnace intake pipe, and causing unsurmountable damage.

When leaves pile up around your lawn and house, your furnace can easily pull those pesky pieces of nature into its inner workings, leading to blockages that could result in improper use at best, and devastating fires at worst. Sure, raking leaves may be an annoying Saturday task, but this prevention is worth a lifetime of comfort knowing your home is protected.

These instances of damage caused by leaves can easily be avoided by proper lawn maintenance, and an open eye during this fall season. Each week before you trim your lawn, be sure to rake all leaves on your property, and dispose of them in city regulated lawn bags, or in a mulching system. This one big sweep of your lawn each week will help to clear the space, however, you will also need to keep a lookout for any leaves piling up close to your home in the days between rakings, and remove those piles as soon as possible, before your furnace painstakingly takes care of them itself.

Cleaning up the fall leaves on your property is a responsibility that pays off in both security and style all season long. A clean lawn leads to a safe home, so get raking today!

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